The internet is packed full with information on CVs – CV writing tips, what to include in CVs, what not to include in CVs, how to structure a CV, and so on, you could lose days in just researching the topic! So here, we wanted to provide a few key points that really help. In a concise way, to the point and easy to understand…rather like how a CV should be.

It absolutely must be in a logical order and an easy-to-read-format! Those who are reviewing your CV probably have 100’s of others to review also. Therefore they skim read and a review can take only a matter of seconds . A messy CV with no real order is likely to frustrate and end up at the bottom of a pile.

It has to be keyword optimised ! Firstly in order to be found on databases (like Job Sites) by Employers & Recruitment Agencies. Secondly to capture the attention of the reviewer …as mentioned above, CVs are mostly skim read and the reviewer will be looking out for certain relevant keywords.

It has to be balanced and easy-to-understand . Laymen’s terms with the right balance of jargon. Write the CV almost as if you are explaining yourself to a complete novice. Remember, Recruiters / HR are not necessarily specialists in your field, they need to be able to understand your CV. Also, don’t assume that the Hiring Manager will automatically understand either!

It has to be succinct, straightforward and to the point . Avoid lengthy paragraphs as these can give rise to waffle. Don’t go into too much detail, you need to save something for the interview! Instead, use short exciting points that summarise the good stuff and tease the reviewer into wanting to know more! We promise you, Recruiters & Employers do get excited when they read a great CV because they get one step closer to filling their job!

Keep the CV succinct and to the point.
Leave the reader wanting to find out more.
Save the details for the interview.



Always double-check for grammatical errors and spelling mistakes. These kind of errors can be costly. Use ‘spell check’.

Hope you found these CV writing tips useful.


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